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What does it all mean?

We specialise in Certified Organic Beef, Certified Organic Lamb, SPCA Free Range Approved Pork, Organic Chicken and Free Range Chicken (with No Hormones, No Antibiotics, and the feed is GMO Free). Which, like our produce, is a heck of a mouthful, so let’s break it down.

  • Certified Organic Beef and Lamb

    In New Zealand, we are lucky that most of our beef and lamb is grass fed, ranging freely on pasture – something that can be hard to find in other countries. However, farmers may use synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, and health treatments such as antibiotics – which we think you would rather not have in your food. On an organic sheep and cattle farm, farmers use fertilisers from certified natural and biological sources only, and synthetic pesticides are prohibited. Antibiotics not allowed, or are very limited.

    Most Certified Organic farmers use permaculture style farming. This underpins the idea of utilising the land to replenish its own nutrients, through growing different grasses, farming different animals, and not over farming the land.


  • SPCA Free Range Approved Pork

    To get the SPCA Blue Tick, the pig farmer has been audited by the SPCA, and meets basic welfare standards. The basics include no sow crates or stalls allowed, pigs may live in eco-barns, which are roomier roofed enclosures where they have bedding such as sawdust and hay so they can root around, antibiotic use must be controlled by a veterinarian and an improved quality of life is guaranteed.


  • Organic Chicken and Free Range Chicken

    Organic rules guarantee the highest level of animal welfare. Farmers certified by one of the four organic labels in New Zealand must follow strict rules, which are in turn checked by external auditors. As for Free Range? Our Bostocks chickens run around under apple trees in the Hawkes Bay, which is ranging pretty freely if you ask us.


If you want to know more about what isn’t in our meat, drop in and have a chat at 356 West Coast Road, Glen Eden.